Multi Machine Inc. is a premier dealer for both Prinoth® and Rayco® tracked crawler carriers, and supplies a wide array of construction equipment for sale or rent.

We started in 1982, with nothing but a primitive garage, a handful of machines in inventory, a rolodex and a dedicated and determined owner! Since then, we have grown to become a world-leader in the construction industry, working in the most optimum markets and creating win-win transactions with every customer we meet.

A world-leader in the construction industry

In 2014 we became a certified dealer for Rayco® track dumps. These quality machines are uniquely made in the USA, outperforming other competing brands, and allowing for easy access to parts and maintenance.

Our business continued to grow, so in 2015 we partnered with Prinoth®. From the very beginning, Prinoth® has been synonymous with vehicles of the highest quality. With over a half century of tracked vehicle experience, Prinoth® continues to develop and refine the sprocket-track system invented by Bombardier in 1935.

We have headquarters in New Jersey, with multiple parts locations across the US and Canada: Georgia, Texas, Washington, Quebec, and Ontario. As well as supplying a wide range of machinery and equipment, we also carry a diverse stock of parts, under-carriages and rubber tracks. Whenever your machine has a need, we have a solution!

Multi Machine sells, rents, repairs and supplies heavy equipment across the United states and North America.

We are able to provide mobile repairs for all makes and models of heavy equipment. From the smallest machine to the largest, we provide immediate attention in emergencies as well as preventative maintenance that will reduce the likelihood of future downtime.

So whether you are in the mining, construction, oil, gas, electric or utility industry, we are sure to have the exact solution for your equipment needs.

Call us today at 866-866-8584 or email our friendly team at sales@multimachine.us and we will be sure to assist you.