2016 Prinoth Panther T6 – Stock #5849D


The Prinoth Panther T6 is an extremely versatile crawler carrier with a truck inspired chassis. With very low ground pressure, loaded and unloaded, these machines are designed to go nearly anywhere without much effort. The vehicles can be outfitted with a number of different implements, making them an ideal platform for many applications. From personnel carriers, to fuel tankers and water tankers, there is almost nothing these machines cannot be outfitted with. This particular T6 (5849D) is equipped with a 5.5 yard dump body. For any questions regarding purchase or rental of this vehicle, please call (866) 866-8584.

Hours 636
Serial # 935100041
Machine Capacity (Yards Cubed) 5.5 Yards
Machine Capacity (Weight) 12,000 lbs.
Machine Weight 15,154 lbs.
Length 15’3”
Width 8'
Height 8’7”
Engine Caterpillar C4.4 Turbo Diesel
Horsepower @ 2200 rpm 143 hp
Torque @ 1400 rpm 410 lb-ft
Max Speed 9.3 mph
Ground Clearance 17"
Ground Pressure (Vehicle Only) 2.19 psi
Ground Pressure (Total Capacity) 4.00 psi
Uphill/Downhill Gradeability 60% (31°)
Sidehill Gradeability 40% (21.8°)
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