New Prinoth Panther T14R – 360 Degree Rotating Machine!


The T14R has the ability of a combined cab and dump body upper structure to rotate 360 degrees to allow for dumping at any position in the rotation. This results in minimal wear of undercarriage and 30% more productivity. The full rotation capability means the operator can always perform jobs in a forward-facing position, leading to enhanced speed of operation and minimized operator fatigue, all while increasing jobsite safety!

The T14R has a unique undercarriage design that adapts to irregular terrain, keeping constant contact with the ground. The undercarriage is hydraulically tensioned so the tracks always have the correct tension regardless of the terrain. Each roller has a suspension travel of 14” while the traditional undercarriage has 4” of suspension travel. The T14R is equipped with a variable transmission increasing fuel efficiency by 20% and allowing for a smoother ride. This unit is operated by a steering wheel for ease of operation and minimized operator fatigue. The T14R comes with two standard features that no other rotating machine has to offer, auto centering and auto steering correction. These features allow normal operation whether you are facing forward or reverse.

The T14R has the highest payload capacity with the ability to carry 29,100 lbs. or 9.5 yards of material. The dump box on the T14R is lined with Hardox steel for long term durability. Even though this machine can handle a huge payload, it can still be transported as a legal load with width a 101” overall width!

Powered by a CAT C7.1 (275hp) Tier 4 Diesel Motor and all Bosch Rexroth pumps, this machine is built for longevity and efficiency. The power and torque is unmatched in the industry. It can travel, rotate, and dump all at the same time! The T14R will increase your jobsite efficiency with the fastest dumping cycle of 7.3 seconds, a travel speed of 7.5 mph, and rotating speed of 15 seconds for a full rotation, making it faster than any other rotating track dump truck.

The Panthers large cab meets ISO work space standards and is ROPS certified to provide secure, safe, and comfortable operation. The wide cab entrance provides easy entry and exit for any size operator. Each cab is furnished with top lights for visibility, reverse and side cameras to reduce blind spots, and onboard diagnostic capability.